Statement Against Press & Internet Censorship in the Philippines

We stand in solidarity with Philippine media groups such as Bulatlat and Pinoy Weekly, progressive groups such as UMA Pilipinas, Bagong Alyansang Makabayan (BAYAN), Pamalakaya, and AMIHAN, and progressive international publishers such as Monthly Review and Counterpunch, whose websites were included in a long list which the outgoing officials of the National Security Council want banned in the Philippines.

Bulatlat is one of the oldest, English online news outlet in the Philippines. Pinoy Weekly is one of the few Filipino online newspapers that carry on with their operations in a country where mainstream online organizations use English as their main language. These two media groups are known for their extensive coverage of people’s issues which mainstream media firms tend to neglect most of the times. UMA Pilipinas and AMIHAN are legitimate farmers’ and farm workers’ organizations whose websites carry important statements and analyses on the peasant sector’s situation – a vital service in a country where more than 1/3 of workers rely on agriculture for work. PAMALAKAYA is a fishefolks’ organization which is known for its incisive analyses on small fisherfolks’ livelihood and environmental concerns – again, a vital service in a country whose coastline is the fifth longest in the world. BAYAN is the broadest, multi-sectoral progressive organization in the Philippines, which was co-founded by the great nationalist statesman Senator Lorenzo Tañada. Its website is always a must-read for local and international observers who want quick, in-depth analyses on issues that affect the Philippines and Filipinos worldwide. Monthly Review is a highly respected, Scopus-listed magazine/journal which publishes articles from a variety of progressive voices. Monthly Review’s publisher also published books by the nationalist historian Renato Constantino and the nationalist economist Alejandro Lichauco. Hence, their record of long years of service to the Filipino people then and now is obvious. Counterpunch is a mainstream progressive website that posts opinion pieces on international concerns.

Over-all, the aforementioned websites are reliable sources of news, information, and perspectives which help teachers not only produce high-quality instructional materials, but also broaden and deepen their worldviews towards a transformative one which is necessary in the teaching profession.

Even in cases where we disagree with the content of particular websites, we stand for our inalienable freedom of expression, freedom of information, and freedom of the press. The information highway should always be free for everyone. Let ideas and insights battle each other, rather than repress ones that you don’t like.

No to internet censorship!

No to media censorship!

Rescind the ban on progressive websites!

Stop the attacks on internet and press freedom!

#StopTheAttacks #NoToInternetCensorship

(Source of news on the ban: )

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